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Kotie's Scuba Diving FAQ - Answers to scuba diving instruction and scuba gear questions

Hi there. I would like to share a bit of my scuba diving knowledge so you can be as smart as me.
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Scuba Instruction Questions

How do i know how much weight to use?

This depends upon the wet suit you are using. Try this formula. 10 percent of your body weight plus 4 pounds for a wetsuit that is thicker than 5 millimeters, 8 percent of your body weight for one that is thinner. Try this out in a swimming pool to test and adjust.

How do you become certified?

Take the proper certification class through a certification agency.

How do you use a dive compass?

Make sure that it is level and the lubber line is pointed in the same direction as you are facing. The heading can be referenced from the top or side. A heading may be selected by adjusting the bezel to the lubber line at the desired heading. The return heading is 180 degrees.

How long does an open water course last?

A standard course may be completed in as quickly as three days or may take as long as one year. Go Here to learn more.

How much air will a tank hold?

This varies on the tank. It can be anywhere from 2250 to 4350pounds per square inch.

How old do i have to be to become certified?

10 is the youngest age that any agency is certifying people.

What are some good tips to start learning about scuba diving?

People that divers are a great resource. Click Here for certification agency's.

What are the dangers of scuba diving?

It very safe as long as you dive within your personal limits and have the proper training.

What are the dos and donts of scuba diving?

Do plan your dive and do dive your plan and don't forget it

What are the risks of nitrox?

The only danger is exceeding you maximum operating depth and exposing one self to oxygen toxicity.

What do you do if your scuba tank runs out of air?

You can either alternate air share with your buddy or perform a controlled emergency swimming ascent.

What is a certification card?

This is proof that you have completed the requirements of Scuba lesson by the issuing agency

What is actual dive time?

The total time spent underwater, from the beginning of the descent until breaking the surface at the end of the dive.

What is buddy breathing?

Buddy breathing is a rescue technique used while scuba diving when you run out of air. It requires two divers to share one regulator, alternatively breathing from it.

What is buoyancy control?

Buoyancy control and proper trim are important skills for a diver. Mastering buoyancy control takes practice, technique and equipment that fits correctly.

What is deep diving?

Diving below 100 feet might be considered deep diving depending on the environment. The recommended recreational limit is 130 feet.

What is five point descent?

The Five Point Descent is Signaling your buddy, taking a reference point, check your time, put your regulator in your mouth and deflate the BC.

What is freediving?

Freediving is an aquatic sport, considered an extreme sport, in which divers attempt to reach great depths unassisted by breathing apparatus

What is iantd?

IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers). One of the orginal agencies to bring Nitrox and Technical certifications to divers worldwide.

What is idea?

IDEA (International Diving Educators Association). Provides all levels of recreational scuba diving certifications worldwide.

What is rescue diving?

Rescue Diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies.

What is skin diving?

Skin Diving is another term for Breath Hold Diving.

What is technical diving?

Technical diving typically includes one or more of the following; a dive deeper than 130 feet, required stage decompression, diving with trimix or rebreathers. Any dive outside the recreational diving limits could be considered technical.

What is the advandage of diving in warm water rather than cold water?

Less neoprene equals less weight but you already knew that.

What is the difference between padi and naui?

These agencies teach the same skill set for classes. The difference is in the order the instructor is able to present the material.

What jobs are available in scuba?

There are many jobs, such as Instructor, Course Director, and Dive Master

Why do i need a c-card?

A c-card insures that you have meet the minimum diving skills.

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